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How Do I Pay Medical Bills After Sustaining an Injury?

The costs of medical care seem to almost have exponentially increased in recent years. A medical emergency–especially a serious one–has the potential to completely bankrupt entire households. Almost every aspect of medical treatment has a high price tag, including the following:

  • Emergency transportation in an ambulance;
  • Trauma care in the emergency department;
  • Surgical procedures;
  • Diagnostic tests;
  • Stays in the intensive care unit;
  • Admission to the hospital;
  • Appointments with doctors and specialists;
  • Physical and rehabilitative therapy;
  • Home health care assistance;
  • Stays in an assisted living facility;
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications;
  • Medical equipment; and
  • Accommodations and adjustments for the home.

While all individuals injured in an unexpected accident will not require all of the above types of treatment, even a few of the above can result in overwhelming medical bills. Suddenly facing bills for even a fraction of the above treatments can cause difficulty in paying everyday expenses and can wreak financial havoc in the lives of injured victims and their families. This financial stress only adds to the existing stress of physical recovery from an injury. It is no wonder that many people wonder how they are going to pay these bills after sustaining an injury.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Policies

In Florida, every driver is required to have at least a minimal insurance policy for personal injury protection (PIP). In the event of a motor vehicle accident, an injured motorist can make a claim under PIP whether they were at fault in the accident or not. PIP will then cover the expenses of medical treatment up to the policy limit and for a certain period of time. If that policy is exhausted, a victims can then use their health insurance policy until they are able to receive a personal injury or insurance settlement.

Other Insurance Policies

If a victim sustains injuries in an accident other than a motor vehicle accident and someone else was at fault, they may be able to obtain support from the responsible party’s insurance company. In cases involving dangerous premises or medical malpractice, an injured victim may be able to successfully receive an insurance settlement to cover all medical costs and similar losses.

Negligent Parties

If an insurance policy or settlement offer is inadequate, the injured victim can seek payment for their past and future medical costs by filing a claim for personal injury in Tampa courts against any parties that were negligent in causing the accident and injuries. Medical expenses constitutes one of the primary losses at issue in almost every personal injury case. An injured victim should always ensure to include all types of medical bills in their losses, including any expenses paid out of pocket or covered by health insurance. Receiving a settlement in a personal injury case can put an injured victim’s mind at ease regarding how to cover medical costs as well as continue to sufficiently support their household.

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