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Georgia Family Killed In Lake County Crash

A Georgia family of three was killed in a recent motor vehicle wreck on the Florida Turnpike in Lake County recently after being in a rear end collision with an Orlando man, James Dameron, who was driving on a suspended license.  Dameron had multiple outstanding charges for possession of methamphetamine, resisting an officer without violence, texting while driving, littering on a public highway, and multiple instances of traveling at unlawful speeds.  Dameron escaped the crash with only minor injuries.


The vehicles collided hard enough that both the Mercedes SUV and the Nissan Maxima driven by the victims rolled over and caught fire, requiring the occupants of the Nissan to be identified through dental records.  The remains of the vehicles were in such bad condition that investigators could not determine if Brianna, the one-year-old daughter of Thomas Garza and Lillian Luna had been riding in a car seat.  Brianna was ejected from the vehicle during the collision and later passed away from her injuries at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital.


The victims in the crash, Garza, 23 and Luna 20, of Moultrie, Georgia, were a recently engaged couple who were traveling with their daughter to vacation at Disney World in celebration of Brianna’s first birthday.  Mr. Garza worked as an auto mechanic, and Ms. Luna was finishing up earning her high school diploma and planned to go into the medical field.


What We Take Away From This Tragedy


No matter how careful a driver you are there is the possibility of getting into a wreck that was in no way your fault.  It is an unfortunate but true fact that there are many people on the road who should not be operating a motor vehicle, and even the best driver may have an encounter with them some day.


Always use an approved car seat when transporting children, and make sure that it is installed correctly.  Properly installed child safety seats reduce the chances of a fatal injury during a collision between 54 and 17 percent, depending on the age and size of the child.  It is also important to make sure that the seat is properly installed in your vehicle; studies have shown that approximately 70 percent of children are improperly restrained.  If you are unsure if your child safety seat is properly installed in your car, most hospitals or fire and police stations have employees on staff that have been trained in providing courtesy inspections for the public.


Consider carrying an additional identification and emergency contact number when you travel.  Many major pet store chains have custom laser engraving machines that can inexpensively etch a small metal tag with your information which you can place on your key ring.  These have a much better chance of surviving a fire than your plastic state issued ID card, and unlike cellphones, which often require a password to access, they can quickly and easily provide first responders with a way to get in contact with your loved ones if you are injured and cannot provide the information yourself.


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